Course leaders 2024


Alan Locket, Beverley and East Riding CC, brings to the Academy a successful professional track record as a teacher and lecturer as well as extensive experience of croquet coaching. He is an AC Referee and Grade 1 AC Coach.

‘Spot-on in approach – a fantastic day!’ … ‘Another excellent course from the Northern Academy.’


Dave Kibble, Bristol CC, is a Grade 3 Coach and Examining Coach with wide coaching experience both in this country and abroad. He is a former chair of the Croquet England Coaching Committee and has contributed a wealth of coaching material to the Croquet England website.

The bee’s knees… As well as being terrific coaching AC, Dave is also a born-again GC Coach.


James Hawkins, Pendle CC, is the author of the classic textbook Complete Croquet. He is a member of the Croquet England Development Committee, holds qualifications in refereeing, handicapping and tournament management, and is a Grade 3 AC Coach.

‘Very enjoyable’ … ‘Well managed and structured’ … A very good day’

John C

John Crossland, Sheffield CC, is an Examining Coach and a Grade 2 Senior Golf Croquet Coach as well as a Grade 1 AC Coach. He is a qualified GC Referee, Examining Referee and Championship Referee.

‘Excellent course with excellent coaching’ … ‘Well arranged and methodical’ … ‘Lots of personal help and feedback’

John H

John Harris is the co-ordinator of the Northern Academy.  He is Chair of the CA Coaching Committee and is a Grade 1 AC Coach.  The Croquet Gazette has published several of his articles on the history of the game.

‘Coaching was imaginative, approachable and helpful’ … ‘It couldn’t have been better. Brilliant!’


Mary Knapp, Surbiton CC, brings to the Academy not only a strong and successful career in education but also tournament experience at all levels including representing Croquet England, and experience of coaching at all levels of the game.

‘Excellent – really helpful and patient. I learned a huge amount.


Penny Clark, Ben Rhydding CC, has extensive experience of GC coaching supported by a successful track record of teaching and lecturing at school and university level. She is a Grade 1 GC Coach and Referee.

‘Very good quality coaching – really gave me what I had hoped for.’


Sarah Hayes, Cheltenham CC, is a Grade 3 AC Coach, an Examining Coach and an AC Referee. She was chair of the Croquet England Coaching Committee from 2018 to 2021 and brings a dynamic approach to course leadership.

‘A big personality with a refreshingly direct approach – wonderful.’